Facility Management Programs

SOS Facility Services designs and implements specialized management programs, which maximize the life of facility assets, reduce expenses and lead to safer working environments.

SOS Facility Services will completely manage every aspect of your facilities, leaving you free to run your business.


Asset Management

Never worry about business assets. Our professional maintenance prevents deterioration and reduces equipment costs.


Facility Inspections

Random or planned facility inspections help keep costs down and business assets running smoothly while providing a safe working experience to employees.

Contractor & Vendor Management

To further help with reducing costs, we offer contractor and vendor management, preventing wasted time while keeping your company running at an optimal level.

Special Projects

Don't hesitate to ask about our project help. With constant maintenance and equipment protection our team can help with any project you may be interested in starting or revamping.


Consolidated Billing

In order to reduce administrative costs we offer a consolidated billing service. This service allows you to combine all of the bills you would get for our services into one master bill so that your bills are all due at the same time and you can open just one Purchase Order for the account.

Dedicated Support

Lower staffing costs with our team that is dedicated to you. With 24/7/365 emergency support lines, you will never have to worry about anything taking time away from your customer support.

SOS Facility Services saves you money by reducing administrative expenses and avoiding costly disruptions to facility productivity.

Extensive documentation establishes a protected record of facility responsibility. Professional Maintenance prevents assets from deteriorating, reduces replacement costs and eliminates unsafe conditions.

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